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The comfort your pet will enjoy at Top of the Hill Kennels is unmatched.


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Over 2,000 square feet of interior boarding room for dogs

Separate boarding area for cats

Doggie Daycare Suite


Boarding areas include:

  •  State of the art air exchange filtration system 

  •  Continuous monitoring to provide the ultimate sanitary environment.  In addition, our epoxy-coated floors can be completely sanitized.

  •  Individual, sanitized stainless steel dishes

  •  Comfortable air conditioning in the summer

  •  Clean, reliable gas heat in the winter



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Special for Dogs:

•  Each kennel includes a special, patented ABS divider for the privacy of each dog

•  Large & extra large kennels accommodate families with more than one dog. 

•  These spacious single 3' x 8' and double 4' x 8' kennels insure our guests do not need to be crated at night.

•  Comfortable, off the floor dog beds

•  Relaxing music 24 hours a day

•  Outside pet containment area:  7 exercise areas, plus 180 feet of continuous run.  Dogs are exercised a minimum of three times per day. Pets will be exercised either individually or in a group, based on the owner’s preference. 



special for cat boarding


  Special for Cats:

 •  Cats are housed on a separate floor, in a private room away from the dogs, to ensure their safety and well-being.  

 •  Our cat "condos" are multi-level and large enough for two cats from the same household, if so desired.

 •  Depending on your cat's temperament, he or she may enjoy occasional "free time" outside of their condo.






The Extras, without the extra fees.

Pet Meds - We will administer medications as needed per the owners instructions.  Please see our FAQ page for additional information.

Laundry - Top of the Hill Kennels will launder bedding if your pet should have an accident.  Also, if we groom your pet while he/she stays with us we will wash the bedding.



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